Local Networking Event Draws Students Eager to Explore Careers in Climate

The Youth Climate Institute is pleased to share the success of their first Climate Networking Event this past Wednesday, December 6 at the Howard County Conservancy.

The event drew 50 students from throughout Howard County and beyond. Students browsed opportunities and networked with Maryland environmental organizations. Organizations represented include Howard Community College, Howard County Sierra Club, Patapsco Heritage Greenway, Upcycled, Community Ecology Institute, and the National Aquarium.

“It was a fantastic opportunity to meet and talk with young people who are developing an awareness of what the future has in store for them,” says Bob Marietta, Environmental Health and Safety Supervisor at Howard Community College.

“Students were interested, asked great questions, and seemed eager to make an immediate impact,” says Crystal Konny of the Howard County Sierra Club Zero Waste team. “They get experiences to add to their resume and college applications, and we get extra help on projects and actions they are interested in. Win-win for both of us!”

Networking events are excellent opportunities for students to meet with like-minded students from throughout the area, as well as to learn from their older peers. The event also allowed these students to make lasting connections and secure paid, volunteer, and internship positions that will prove valuable in their pursuit of higher education and entrance into the workforce.

“The YCI Climate Networking Mixer was equal parts informative and inspiring,” shares Felix, a Mt. Hebron High School student who attended the event. “Of all the organizations present on Wednesday, I most enjoyed talking to the National Aquarium folks about their intriguing internship opportunity. When one imagines a networking event, especially one with such prestigious organizations in attendance, one supposes the attendees to be older adults, but the YCI turnout made this event one for the younger generation!”

The event was hosted by the Youth Climate Institute Alumni Network and led by Haeli of Marriotts Ridge High School and Rhea of River Hill. Both students are working toward their Certified Ambassador with Honors certification through the Youth Climate Institute.

“After working on this event for over 4 months, we were thrilled to witness the enthusiasm among the students at our networking event,” says Haeli and Rhea. “Fostering an environment for passionate students to connect was super important to us during the planning of this event, so we’re ecstatic that this event was such a success. We hope to be able to cultivate the same enthusiasm and community from this event with our future events.”

About the Youth Climate Institute:

The Youth Climate Institute (YCI) empowers and educates the next generation of climate leaders about climate science, environmental justice, and real world solutions. It’s an extracurricular certification program that combines environmental education and hands-on community action to give students the tools to become effective stewards of their local environment and pursue green careers. Learn more about YCI at https://youthclimateleader.org/

About the Howard County Conservancy:

The mission of the Howard County Conservancy is to educate children and adults about our natural world, preserve the land and its legacy for future generations and model responsible stewardship of our environment. Dedicated to educating youth and adults about environmental stewardship and ecosystems, the Conservancy focuses its programs on local animal and plant life found in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. The Conservancy has been educating Howard County youth since 1997, and has been an Educational Partner with the Howard County Public School System since 2003. Learn more about the Conservancy at https://www.howardnature.org/

Contact: Gabrielle Rose

Email: gabby.rose@howardnature.org