For Students

For Students

Climate change is such a pressing and even overwhelming problem that it becomes so easy to simply give up. For me, the Howard County Conservancy’s Youth Climate Institute is a reassurance that people all over the world and in my community are making an effort to stop climate change, as well as creating an avenue to actually participate in that effort. It means the world to me that our lives and our futures aren’t being overlooked or ignored.

Michael Richmond, Glenelg High School

The Youth Climate Institute has been an amazing experience. I enjoyed learning about climate change and directly having an impact on my community. Collaborating with mentors and making positive changes in my community showed me what I can do.

Serena Goyal, River Hill High School

Coming into high school, I struggled with wanting to be involved, but not knowing how to. Then, YCI came up as an opportunity. I was elated to have this chance to join a community that was so closely knit and like-minded, but also very welcoming.

YCI is also a breeding ground for networking. I have made so many connections through YCI that I could not have made anywhere else.

Most importantly, YCI has made me feel like I am a part of something important. Like I am doing my part, no matter how small or big, to help the community and the environment in any way I can. That feeling of importance, personally, is a joyous feeling.

Abigail Zekarias, Long Reach High School

Get involved and be part of the solution within your own community!

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